merrySuch a day - with initiation of Norwegians - is just what the chief-bencher loves. The fine relationship that exist between the Scandinavian countries were elegantly drawn into the program, and you would have to admit that the Norwegians have humor and know how to have a good time!

The chief-bencher was almost radiant on this day, when furthermore the fair sex was overrepresented among the initiated, so that his high seat was crowded with good-looking women while the initiation took place

.It is a good thing that the benchers are multifunctional educated. When a couple of the usual actors were not present , the Guild’s forest supervisor had to be thirst-master, and our newly initiated bencher had to take care of the historic details, both in the cellar and at the secret entrance, while the thirst-master had to go on being “master of ceremony” as well as tipsy publican. But all went well – not least thanks to the Norwegians help and good humor.

It was in that merry mood the benchers afterwards met in the Guilds room, after a very nice experience.<<<