This title means that on Friday the 23rd of June a great number of staff members from the building society “Himmerland” were initiated into the Guild.

Because of the great number of persons – 98 in all - wanting to be initiated, it was necessary to go through the ceremony twice in the same morning, and it was necessary to make the guests in Duus’ Vinkjælder stay seated while the ceremonies took place.

The initiations were at first held secret. The building society  ”Himmerland”, which is perhaps the biggest one in Aalborg, held a company-day, but in the agenda nothing was mentioned about initiations into the Guild, so it was a surprise for all the participants.

The guests were welcomed in the usual way, and there were many staring eyes when it was shouted: ”Our thirst first!” In spite of the crowded room – or maybe because of the crowded room - there was a really nice and warm atmosphere, while the popular chief bencher went through the rituals - a good atmosphere that lasted through both the initiations. The traditional walk went well with our fine musicians in front, only there were some small difficulties with the singing at the end of the “crocodile”, because the music was too far away and because the old song was unknown to many.  

Back in Duus’ Vinkjælder the new members of C4 were met with red sausages, potato juice and drinks. There were lots of loud talking and laughter among the tables, and undoubtedly the object of the talk was the initiation ceremony.

When the brethren made their exit they were accompanied by merry farewells, and when the C4-pins were handed out and the “treasurer” made his round with his collecting box, he was well received.<<<

Photo: Fini Ryming

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