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The annual presentation of donations from the foundation took place - as usual – on the first Wednesday in December in Duus’ Vinkælder.  The presentation was carried out by the Board of the Foundation:  Former mayor Kaj Kjær,  former CEO of Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center, Ernst Trillingsgaard, member of the County Council, cand.jur. Vibeke Gamst, chief bencher Niels Voss Hansen and the administrator of the foundation, bencher Per Svensson.>>>

2017 12 04 HumoerlegatThe prizes – which are given to young people who are being educated in Aalborg’s “gymnasier” and Tech College – are given out as an extraordinary Christmas and New Year gesture to the young people, and it consists of a diploma and a modest amount of money, so that the receivers should be able to create some Christmas-festivities around them.

It is for the 28th time that the Guild donates the “Good Spirit-prizes to about twenty young students or apprentices. The prizes can’t be applied for, but the Guild gets help to the nomination from the “gymnasier” and education-places,  which are choosing the receivers according to the Guild’s rules, which states: “that the receiver should be a student or an apprentice, who with her/his friendly disposition, good humor and positive attitude has contributed to create a good atmosphere and good comradeship and thereby inspired teachers and fellow-students to function in a pleasant and positive way.”>>>


UNMILPOC means United Nations Military Police Course, and the members are in this country in order to have – at Aalborg Barracks in Hvorup - an international training as a MP.

On this day 21 persons was initiated, and this 21 persons represented no less than 13 nations, really an international group!>>>



It was a happy and merry initiation which took place in the Guild on Friday the 8th of September when 15 Norwegians from Tvedestrand, also known as the “Singing Norwegian Society” were initiated.

And singing there certainly was. Besides our ritual songs at an initiation the Norwegian society had themselves brought a song, which lay ready on the table when the benchers arrived, so when the ceremony was over and done with, the Norwegian singers took over, and it was festive as well as “koseligt” as the Norwegians say.>>>

100nord 01

100 merry Norwegians were a festive part of the life in the city when they visited the Guild of Christian the Fourth in Aalborg. For more than 25 years has the Guild had a branch in Oslo, and one of the popular traditions of this branch is the annual summer visit to Aalborg. The Norwegians go by night ferry to North Jutland and then by coach to Aalborg.

The morning was spent in or near Duus’ Vinkjælder in Jens Bangs Stenhus. The Norwegians had brought their own jazz band, which played out-of-doors in Østerå – while the Norwegians enjoyed that they in Danmark could have a cold beer and a potato-juice (as “snaps” is called in the Guild) and happy jazz music in the sunshine.

16 new members were initiated into the Guild, where the benchers on this day were joined by the Norwegian vice chief bencher Helge Qvigstad.

After the initiation and the visit to the Guild in Aalborg the Norwegians spent the rest of the day in Aalborg City Centre, until they late in the afternoon returned to Oslo.

Christian the Fourth´s Guild in Aalborg was founded in 1942 in Duus´ Vinkjælder as a “key-club” in order to avoid soldiers from the occupation forces entering the wine cellar.

Today the Guild has more than 8,000 members living in 125 different countries. The Guild and its Foundation every year donate more than 100,000 DKK to social, humanitarian and cultural activities in Aalborg City and its surroundings. <<<

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